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3 Great Examples of B2B Explainer Videos to Learn From

B2B explainer videos are innovative, fresh, and engaging, and can bring amazing results to your business! Here are 3 great examples of B2B explainer videos to learn from!

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We completely understand that the term “corporate video” sounds a little bit boring and not so exciting, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can change how people see and react to corporate videos. How?

Easy, by creating innovate, fresh, and engaging B2B explainer videos. It is clear fact that B2B explainer videos have become really popular over the past couple of years, raising the bar for what business video marketing can do.

Yes, that’s right. The days of boring and long corporate videos are behind us. It is time to engage and persuade your clients with high-quality and creative B2B explainer videos.

In this article, we are going to share with you a few great examples of B2B explainer videos and some tips and guidelines for what makes a great B2B explainer video.

Before we present you the best B2B explainer videos, here are a few tips that will help you create one as well:

  • Engagement is the key – The ultimate secret to creating a great B2B video is making a video people enjoy watching. We know that this might seem like a real challenge for B2B organizations with not so fun products, but please keep in mind that engagement is not about what you are selling but about the story you are going to share with your viewers. Every product has its own story and you need to share that story with the viewers or other businesses and find a way to grab their attention.
  • Great B2B explainer videos educate the viewers – Over the past couple of years, the journey of the buyers have fundamentally changed which means B2B video marketing has to find a way to adapt. You need to create a video that has a valuable and relevant content that will educate the viewers and help them learn more about the products you offer.
  • Great B2B explainer videos are professionally made – We live in a highly competitive business market and if you want to step away from the crowd, your video has to be of a high-quality. There is no excuse for videos that look poor or unprofessional. After all, your video is the forerunner of your brand and the secret to your marketing strategy which means that if your video looks poor, your business will look poor as well.
  • Professional B2B explainer videos ask viewers to take an action – The whole point of creating an explainer video is to engage with your clients. In other words, to get people to do something such as click a specific link, download an app, purchase something, and etc. Videos need to improve and increase conversions, and luckily, conversion is one of the things that explainer videos do best. Remember, all you have to do is to include CTA in your video.

Now that you know how to create B2B explainer videos, here are 3 great videos that will inspire you:

  1. Schneider Electric (Llama Superstar) – This explainer video is about a facility management software and even though it is a boring topic, they have managed to turn into a compelling, funny, and shareable video.
  2. Salesforce (Barclay Success Story) – The best way to sell your product isn’t by bragging about its amazing features – it is about showing how well the product actually works. This is what Salesforce did in this video.
  3. Slack – Slack is a troublesome service, so their B2B explainer video focuses on the problem or disruption and highlights what replacing it with the platform looks like. It is an incredible video. You must watch it.

Inspired yet? Are you ready to create your own B2B explainer video?

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