A Shot Against Sexual Assault


Sophomores Katrina Vassell and Kait Wildes are no strangers to the Georgetown entrepreneurship community. The two have spent months working on their highly-anticipated food delivery application, Nosh, which has generated some great buzz among students on campus. While still working out the kinks in their food delivery service, Katrina and Kait have delved into a whole new world of campus life: shot glasses. 

Vassell and Wildes created A Shot Against Sexual Assault, their new social entrepreneurship venture, to introduce a positive message to the college party scene and encourage discourse about sexual assault. The company is currently accepting pre-orders for a shot glass with the message “Consent is Sexy” in brightTlFMMdgyT9MmhXwZ0vkz4la6cKpfORr3SFoEQl13Z9E pink on the front for just $4.00. While “Consent is Sexy” is currently the only design being offered, the pair looks to include some more designs in the near future. “One design we’re looking to create is ‘It Takes Two to Tango.’ It’s a double pair of shot glasses that you buy together. They’re all just fun slogans,” said Wildes. 

 Social entrepreneurship isn’t a revolutionary idea, especially in the Georgetown community. But Vassell and Wildes think their business will be particularly effective because of the atmosphere they wish to penetrate. They really looked at the challenge they had to address on college campuses. “At least 50% of college sexual assaults occur when alcohol is involved,” said Vassell. “We wanted to introduce this message in the environment where it will have its most effect. We’re putting this message on shot glasses to encourage people who do drink to do so safely and responsibly.” 

While there are of course marketing challenges that go along with selling their shot glasses, as there are with any new retail business, Vassell and Wildes are confident they can get their product out there. In the future, they will look to various student groups and other college campuses to help promote their message. There is much to do in spreading these glasses across the campus community and they are willing to make it happen. As they so aptly put it, “This discussion is one that needs to continue.” 

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