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Although creating explainer videos is a daunting task. It’s just the first step to creating awareness for your brand. The most important part of explainer video production is creating awareness for the videos. There are many tools and channels that you can use to create awareness for your explainer videos, including social media, email marketing, and Google Adwords. Today, however, we’re going to outline apps that you can use to promote your explainer videos efficiently:

Wave video lets you find low competition keywords to create your explainer videos

This software lets you automate your video marketing. Ideally, it expedites the process of launching and promoting your videos. Specifically, it lets you put out tons of videos in your marketplace. You can then conduct tests to determine the source of your traffic. With this information, you can focus on the niche or keywords that are working out for you. Here is exactly how wave video works. You supply the app with a broad keyword, and it goes out there to pinpoint low completion keywords on your behalf based on that broad keyword. For example, if your keyword is internet marketing, the app will scour the internet and bring you lots of low competition keywords. You can then use those low competitive keywords to create your explainer video using this app. Wave video comes with a built-in video tool to help you create your own explainer videos efficiently and fast.

Use Facebook Creator app to market your explainer videos

Facebook Creator app was previously called Facebook Mentions. Facebook Creator app is a meeting place for creatives who are already creating awesome things on different platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. It’s actually focused on videos. You can post your explainer videos on this platform for users to engage with it. It also allows you to post 360 degrees videos. It also comes with a Q&A feature that allows you to interact with your audience. This is definitely one app that you should have if you’re looking to promote your explainer videos.

Use Videshop App to edit and promote your explainer videos

This app allows you to edit your explainer videos on the phone. It allows you to do many editing tasks, including cropping, transitioning, adding filters and anything that can make your explainer videos pop. If you have an Android phone, Windows phone or an iPhone, you can start editing your explainer videos now.


The good thing about these apps is that you can use them to manipulate and promote your explainer videos on the go. They are truly revolutionary apps that you cannot miss to have in this day and age if you hope to be competitive in the explainer video niche.