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When it comes to videos that excel in grabbing viewers’ attention and passing across a message in a simple to understand way, it’s hard not to mention whiteboard animated explainer videos. But when we talk about what animated explainer videos can really do, grabbing attention and passing across messages easily are just but a drop in the ocean. This is because whiteboard animated explainer videos are able to develop a powerful brand image on the viewers. In essence, there are 4 aspects that you need in order to turn your whiteboard animated explainer video into a potent tool that can supercharge your brand:

Incorporate other colors to make your animated videos more effective

Whiteboard animated explainer videos typically use only white and black colors to explain your product or service. But you can break the rule by including other colors and still make the videos scintillating and compelling. Try to use different colors in your whiteboard animated explainer videos sparingly and efficiently to make them both interesting and engaging, while at the same time fortifying your brand awareness. But make sure you don’t overdo the colors. Also, ensure that the colors you use compliment your brand.

Make your whiteboard explainer videos humorous

Some years back, whiteboard animated explainer videos didn’t have any kind of digital effects, because, typically, they involved a draftsman recording elaborating messages on a whiteboard. However, with digitalization, numerous possibilities have come up. Today, you can easily create animated characters for your explainer videos. This lets you create characters that righty reflect your audience. Ideally, creative designers can design characters that act, think and look like the target audience. They can also create characters that face similar problems to the target audience. This way, your target audience can feel emotionally connected to the characters in the explainer videos. This can help forge a powerful interrelation between the brand and the audience.

Ensure your whiteboard explainer videos evoke childhood memories

Statistics have shown that when customers recollect childhood events, they instantly get captivated, which makes them likely to take action. Whiteboard animation explainer videos excel when it comes to evoking childhood memories. So endeavor to create whiteboard animated videos that evoke childhood memories, and your conversion rate will increase substantially. How does a whiteboard explainer video evoke childhood memories? Some whiteboard animation styles mimic cartoons we used to watch on TV during childhood. Also, it reminds us of the old days when teachers wrote everything on the whiteboard.


Although the tips covered above can help you create compelling explainer videos, you need to come up with a captivating story for your brand to bring them to a whole new level. Great stories inform customers that you’re not just there to sell, but to help them solve their problems.