Venture Capitol is an online publication that covers entrepreneurship stories and opportunities for the community around Georgetown University. 

Our mission is to highlight our local innovation ecosystem and build Georgetown's brand as a startup friendly institution.

Kevin Brosnan, Editor in Chief:

I like product managers, skiing, Jesuits, Bayern Munich, and The Weeknd. Searching for the real-life equivalent of Erlich Bachman. Find me @ActionBrosnan

Samantha Rhodes, Editor in Chief:

Would eat soylent for every meal because #efficiency. Perennially searching far and wide for the best tech podcasts, obsessed with social media trends and innovative storytelling, my #wcw is Dagny Taggart, and I’d rather be ashes than dust.

Whalen Machale, Design Director:

Haiku connoisseur // an okay photographer // check my Instagram: @wnmachale

Martin De Leon, Design Director:

Keeps himself sane by attending music festivals, visiting contemporary art exhibits and running along the Potomac.

Kristen Bandos, Web Designer:

Sports junky, avid rock 'n' roll listener, follower of all things political. Tech geek, striving to find a career encompassing those criteria. @kristenbandos

Erika Lim, Director of Finance:

Fan of food adventures and backpacking. Aspiring to save the world with microfinance and waste management. Pianist, coxswain, and Jersey bagel snob. Believer in saving nothing for the swim back.

Jenn Ding, On Campus Outreach Director:

Passionate about financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, and female empowerment. Hobbies include running to the monuments, Romance languages, and The Office.

Etana Solomon, Marketing Director:

A cat lover pursuing a career in the fashion industry. She has a passion for education reform and food. Hopes to see virtual dressing rooms come to be in her lifetime and has a keen interest in everything tech and innovation.

D.J. Angelini, Campus Editor:

#1 fan of deep-dish pizza, Jeopardy! reruns, and Rugby greatest hits videos. Forever intrigued by all things data. Subscribe to the code: “to define is to limit.” Follow @djangelini23.

Sitaara Ali, Campus Beat Editor:

Obsessed with sitcoms, doughnuts, and any and all tech that makes life easier. Straddling the line between floundering and flourishing. Follow @sits210

Hannah Post, Community Editor:

Below average sailor, above average reader, and aspiring writer. Notoriously bad with numbers, simple math, and coding, but fluent in fun, Midwestern accents, and innovative jargon. Friends call me Judy. Take from that what you will.

Andrea Rey, City Editor:

Miamian by birth, Colombian by blood, Hoya by choice. Lover of all things chocolate and passionate about the intersection of science, tech, and innovation. @And_Rey_A

Amy Sirison, Off Campus Outreach Director:

Passionate about branding, entrepreneurship, and solving real world problems with tech. Interests include all things sports, island hopping, and trying new foods.