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By now, you’re well aware that the main function of explainer videos is to explain your product and service, as well as your business in a short and engaging way. In other words, they are intended to catch the attention of viewers and engage them into taking your desired action. On top of all that, they are meant to stir up the emotion of your prospects and easily connect with them, thereby cultivating a lasting impact.

Explainer videos pride themselves as powerful marketing tools capable of driving your conversions quickly. Not to mention that they boost the visibility of your brand, beef up your internet traffic and return on investment, bring out your unique personality and can be shared easily. Although the script is billed as the most important component of your explainer videos, voiceover is also critical to their success.

Choosing between voiceover and non-voiceover explainer videos

Voiceover plays a major role in attracting the attention of viewers and keeping their eyes locked onto the explainer video until the end. That means that a superb voiceover is critical to the success of any explainer video. A superb voiceover is a combination of the right tone, accent, and modulation. Therefore, you should always ensure that the voiceover synchronizes with your animation style and story. When combined expertly, voiceover, animation style and product story can create a truly superb explainer video. But, if you are an explainer video enthusiast, then you know that voiceover doesn’t work out for all types of explainer videos. Some explainer videos don’t have any voiceover yet they still pop because the animation and background music do the talking. The truth is explainer videos are all about the visual charm they generate. And what really makes an explainer video sell is narrating a story via a visual medium. This substantiates the fact that you can actually create an explainer video without voiceover and still convey your brand message easily and fast. So it’s always up to you to decide whether or not your explainer video needs a voiceover. However, three things will dictate whether your product explainer videos need a voiceover:

Your target audience will determine whether you need a voiceover for your explainer videos

If you don’t want to overwhelm your target audience will too much information, you can choose non-voiceover explainer videos. But, when your explainer video is business oriented, or you intend to use it to pitch, including a voiceover narration will suffice.

Your brand message will determine whether you need a voiceover for your explainer videos

If your product or service is simple and doesn’t need much explaining, a non-voiceover explainer video would do and vice versa.

Your goal will determine whether you need a voiceover for your explainer videos

If the goal of your explainer videos is to attract prospects, catch their attention and motivate them to take your desired action, a non-voiceover explainer video will do. On the flip side, if the goal of your explainer video is to establish communication with your viewers, offer detail information and answer their questions, a voiceover explainer video will suffice.